Privacy Policy of Casa

This Application collects Personal Data of the Users.

Controller of Personal Data

Azienda Agricola Casa Emma di Lepri Fiorella


Typology of Personal Data

Among Personal Data collected by this application, provided autonomously or by a third party, are included name, surname, telephone number, email and further typologies of Data.

The request of further Personal Data could be indicated in other sections of this privacy policy or by using other informing texts displayed alongside with the provision of Personal Data.

Personal Data are entered autonomously by the User, or automatically collected during the use of this Application.

The possible use of Cookie – or of others tracking devices – by this Application or by controllers of services provided by third parties which are used by such Application has the aim of identifying the User.

Missing Personal Data prevents this Application from proving services.

The User assumes all responsibilities of third-parties Personal Data which have been published or shard by using this Application and guarantees of having the right to communicate and spread it, by releasing the Controller from any liability towards third parties.

Modalities and place of processing of Personal Data

Modalities of Processing

The controller processes Personal Data by adopting adequate security measure which are oriented towards the prevention of unauthorized access, spread, modification or cancelation of Personal Data.

The processing of Personal Data is carry out by using software, computer/telematics devises, organizational methods strictly linked to the indicated purposes. In addition to the controller, in many cases, other categories of figures involved in the organization of the website (third parties providers of technical services, couriers, hosting providers, computer companies, communication agencies) who have been nominated Processors by the Controller. The updated list of the Processors might be always requested from the Controller.


Personal Data are processed at the Controller’s operational headquarters and in every other places where the parts involved in the Processing are located. For further information, please contact the Controller.


Personal Data are processed for the necessary time for the requested service to be concluded and according to the indicated purposes. The User can always request the interruption of the Processing or the cancelation of Personal Data.

Purposes of the Processing of Personal Data

Personal Data are collected in order to allow the Controller to provide services and to enable him to contact the User.

Typologies of Personal Data that are used for each aim are indicated in specific sections in this document.

Details on Processing of Personal Data

Personal Data are collected for the following purposes and by using following services:

To contact the User

To request further information of the processing

Legal defense

User’s Personal Data might be used for legal defense by the Controller on in preparatory phases of his possible installation, for defense from abuses during the use of the same or the connected services from the User.

The User declares of being aware that he might be asked by the Controller to reveal the Personal Data if they are requested by public authorities.

Specific Information

On request from the User, in addition to the information included in such privacy policy, this Application could also provide to the User further information concerning specific services, or regarding the collection and the Processing of Personal Data.

System Log and Maintenance

For reasons linked to the functioning and the maintenance, this Application along with possible third parties services could collect system logs, which are files tracking interactions and that could contain even Personal Data, such as User IP address.

Information not included in Privacy Policy

Further information concerning the process of Personal Data could be requested in any time to the Controller by using contacts provided.

Exercise of the rights of Data Subjects

Data Subjects have always the right in any moment to obtain the confirmation of the existence or the loss of the their rights by the Controller, to know the content and the origin, the possible cancellation, updating, modification, transformation in anonymous form or the blocking of Personal Data in case of violation of the law. Requests must be made to the Controller.

This Application does not support “Do Not Track” requests

In order to know if possible services provided by third parties use Do Not Track requests, the User is invited to check each privacy policies.

Modifications to this privacy policy

The Controller has the right to modify the actual privacy policy in any time by informing the Users on this page. Please check often this page taking into account the date of last modification indicated below. In case of missing acceptance of the modifications made to the privacy policy, the User is required to cease the use of such Application and can ask the Controller to remove Personal Data.

Unless otherwise specified, the previous privacy policy will be in force based on Personal Data collected up to that point.

Information on this privacy policy 

Processing of Personal Data Controller is responsible for this privacy policy.