The fascination of discovery

during a state-of-the-art wine-tasting experience is enhanced by a magical setting, where you can breathe in the true Chianti atmosphere.

Casa Emma is proud to hold high the age-old tradition of hospitality at the heart of the Chianti Classico region.

Discovering vineyards and cellars

Enotour at Casa Emma

An exclusive private tour around Casa Emma: its vineyards, the wine-cellar, the flavours of Tuscany

Those encountering for the first time the methods involved in obtaining a high-quality wine, from vine cultivation all the way through to tasting the final product, are usually amazed by the complexity of the process.

The discovery of the passion, hard work and care required to obtain the nectar that is sipped at the end of the tour comes close to a true “revelation”: revealing it as the fruit of an extraordinary and sometimes exhausting cooperation between man and nature in order to obtain a wine of true excellence.

Casa Emma is delighted and proud to be able to offer you a range of superlative wines, representing the very best of the Chianti region.