Casa Emma

Our History

Casa Emma proves that everything at the heart of the Chianti region is tied by an often visible thread to millennia of history of which very little has been lost or mislaid over the centuries.
The Bucalossi family bought the estate from a Florentine noblewoman, Emma Bizzarri, whose name was used for the title of the estate, as a sign of respect for the land’s historical roots.

Over the centuries, the noble families who owned large vineyards and estates in the Chianti region often retained such deep emotional ties to their properties that generation after generation of their families would choose to remain on their estates, and prefer to spend their days walking between their endless rows of beloved vines, rather than engaging in idle chatter in the city’s elegant salons.

Casa Emma

The products

Fruity taste and low acidity

An oil at the top of taste and fragrance that fully reveals its origin.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A top quality extra-virgin olive oil that captures the rich flavours of its origins.

Our extra-virgin olive oil is certified by a European norm guaranteeing origin and quality. Produced according to the restrictive specifications of this norm.

The olives must be grown within clearly defined geographic boundaries, within which the entire production cycle must take place, from olive harvest to bottling.

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The Estate

Visit Casa Emma

An enchanting example of how mankind’s own botanical and agricultural activities, integrated into their surrounding natural environment, can merge to form a spectacular landscape.

Casa Emma

The Restaurant

Traditional flavours from Tuscany and the Chianti area presented by Casa Emma in an enchanting landscape setting.

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