Chianti Classico Docg

90% Sangiovese 5% Malvasia Nera 5% Canaiolo

Wine that offer a good mix of elegance and typicality with floral and cherry hints. Balanced between freshness and flavor. Aged for 1 year in 500 liter barrels. Pair with homemade pasta with ragu and cold cuts.


Chianti Classico Vignalparco Riserva

100% Sangiovese

From single vineyard worked and fertilized with geese it is a wine with a strong personality with intense hints of undergrowth, soft tannins and great energy. Aged 2 years in 500 liter barrels. Pair with grilled red meats.


Chianti Classico Riserva

95% Sangiovese 5% Malvasia Nera

Wine obtained from 32-40 year old vines, shows all the power and elegance of Sangiovese with aromas of red fruit, undergrowth and pepper. Excellent tannic texture and a fresh and satisfying finish. Aged 2 years in 10 hl barrels. Pair with game and mixed grilled meats.


Chianti Classico Gran Selezione

100% Sangiovese

Produced only in the best vintages and in very small quantities, it is the wine that distinguishes the elegance and complexity of Casa Emma’s wines. Great aromatic richness of black berry fruit and pleasant spicy nuances. On the palate it is succulent, rich, with a very long finish. Aged 3 years in 10 hl Austrian barrels.
Pair with aged cheeses, duck and braised meat.


Igt Soloìo

100% Merlot

The Iconic wine of Casa Emma from Merlot grapes only.
Clear hints of blackberries and blackcurrants accompanied by a pleasant mineral notes. Concentrated and vibrant with thick and soft tannins and with a very long finish. Aged 18 months in French oak barrels. To be paired with blue cheeses, baked lamb and dark chocolate.


Igt Harenae

100% Sangiovese in anfora

Wine vinified and aged in 1000 liter spherical amphora. Fresh and crisp as few wines in amphora can be. Rich, agile and slender. Very good depth and savory tasty flavor.Pair with cold cuts, cheeses and spicy tomato pasta.


Igt Rosa

100% Sangiovese

The rosé from Casa Emma which releases all the freshness and flavor of Sangiovese and the appeal to the Tuscan summer
Fruity on the nose with hints of white peach and flowers while on the palate it is savory rich with an agile and slender finish. To be combined with cold cuts, tomato and grilled fish dishes.


Igt Passito Sette Carati

60% Malvasia bianca 40% Trebbiano Toscano

Studied to enhance the aromatic complexity of the grapes that compose this exclusive Passito combined with the different essences of the wood barrells where Sette 7 Carati ages for 8 years. In 2006 were produced only 1348 bottles of 375ml. Made with Trebbiano and Malvasia Bianca grapes, Passito Sette Carati has an amber colour with brilliant reflex. It is well structured, sweet with a good acidity at the end and very long finish.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A top quality extra-virgin olive oil that captures the rich flavours of its origins.

Our extra-virgin olive oil is certified by a European norm guaranteeing origin and quality. Produced according to the restrictive specifications of this norm.

The olives must be grown within clearly defined geographic boundaries, within which the entire production cycle must take place, from olive harvest to bottling.

The olive groves at Casa Emma cover about three acres at the top of the hill, where the soil and climatic conditions are ideal. The olives (Pendolino, Moraiolo, Leccino and Frantoio) are picked as they begin to ripen and, after being carefully selected, are immediately brought to the press, where they are ground by large mill-stones and then cold-pressed.

Using this method, the olives release all of their fruity aroma and slightly spicy taste typical of Tuscan olive oil, maintaining an acidity level far below the limits allowed by the strict regulation of the Chianti Classico Territory Consortium.

In 2004, the Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Guide awarded us with the prize for Best D.O.P. Extra-Virgin Olive Oil in Tuscany for its rich fruity taste and extremely low acidity.

Aspretto balsamico

Aspretto Balsamico, food condiment made from cooked grape must.
Ingredients: Cooked grape must acetified (contains sulphites)

Aspretto Balsamico 20 years

Aspretto Balsamico 20 years aged in different wood barrels.
Ingredients: Cooked grape must acetified (contains sulphites)