Extra virgin olive oil 375ml


Extra virgin olive oil 375ml


A top quality extra-virgin olive oil that captures the rich flavours of its origins

Our extra-virgin olive oil is certified by a European norm guaranteeing origin and quality. Produced according to the restrictive specifications of this norm.

The olives must be grown within clearly defined geographic boundaries, within which the entire production cycle must take place, from olive harvest to bottling.

The olive groves at Casa Emma cover about three acres at the top of the hill, where the soil and climatic conditions are ideal. The olives (Pendolino, Moraiolo, Leccino and Frantoio) are picked as they begin to ripen and, after being carefully selected, are immediately brought to the press, where they are ground by large mill-stones and then cold-pressed.

Using this method, the olives release all of their fruity aroma and slightly spicy taste typical of Tuscan olive oil, maintaining an acidity level far below the limits allowed by the strict regulation of the Chianti Classico Territory Consortium.
In 2004, the Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Guide awarded us with the prize for Best D.O.P. Extra-Virgin Olive Oil in Tuscany for its rich fruity taste and extremely low acidity.


This product can be mix and match with all our products.

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