SAGOHE 0.0% Alcohol


Since 1970 at CASA EMMA my family produces Chianti Classico in the beautiful hills of San Donato in Poggio and today our wines are appreciated and exported to different parts of the World.
The desire to produce this completely dealcoholized red wine, it has always led me to consider my great passions, professions and awareness: that of being a producer of quality wine
and that of being a Medical Doctor.

I thought of the production of the SagoHe as an excellent solution and alternative to all those people who for various reasons cannot or do not want to drink alcohol, but do not want to deprive themselves of a drink that can be consumed with pleasure with food.

I’ve thought about all those people who want to take one period of sobriety to help reset their liver that is the organ involved in the metabolism of alcohol and that it is the more exposed to toxic effects of alcohol.

I thought about women whose enzymatic system of alcohol elimination is extremely variable and sometimes even modest amount of alcohol, can determine toxic effects in them.

I thought about pregnant women because their abstention from any alcoholic drink should be absolute.

I thought of all those people who have to drive
but they do not want to abandon the pleasure of good food or an evening in good company.

I thought about respecting the Sangiovese by depriving it only in alcohol with mechanical and non-chemical methods to leave as much intact the taste of wine and the healthy substances of itself, maintaining high quantities of resveratrol in the SaGoHe other polyphenols with anti-oxidant action and very few calories.

Alessandro Bucalossi